After you get out of the shower, are you unable to see your reflection in the mirror? This is something that happens because of condensation. When hot air carrying a lot of moisture hits a cold surface such as metal or glass, the water will condense. While it’s a minor annoyance when it happens to your mirror, it could be a serious problem if you have condensation forming somewhere in your home and leading to mold growth and similar issues.

There are a few things that you can do to minimize the risk of condensation in your home. One is to ensure that there is low humidity in the building. A dehumidifier can be a good ally in the fight against moisture. Putting insulation on your cold water pipes can also prevent condensation from forming on them. If you find that you have mold forming on your windows sills in the home, this is most likely due to condensation collecting there, so you might need to lower the humidity in your home.

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