When you pull your wet clothes out of the washer, you might not think too much about how much water is in them, but just considering the added weight, you should have a pretty good idea. A good estimate is that a full load has about a gallon of water in it, but of course this can vary depending on the type of clothing and materials in the wash. So, why does this matter? Well, all that water needs to go somewhere, and when you run that load in the dryer, you will have a gallon worth of steam coming out of your dryer. If it is not vented properly to the outside, that water will condense inside your home and cause all kinds of problems.

A proper dryer vent should go as straight as possible to the outside. Using a lint collecting device that is kept indoors is not a good option. You should also check regularly that there isn’t a buildup of lint or some other blockage in the vent, since this potentially could be a fire hazard.

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