Have you ever had to deal with a power outage? There are many factors that play into whether or not the area you live in gets a lot of power outages or not, but it could happen anywhere. When you are in that situation, you truly realize how dependent on power we are these days. There are some things to think about if you have a long period without power in your home.

One concern is your fridge and freezer. Unless the weather outside is very cold, your groceries could spoil if your refrigeration unit doesn’t start running again soon. On a positive note, your fridge should be fairly well insulated, meaning that it should keep things in there cool as long as you don’t open the door too often.

If you need to open the fridge, make sure you know what you are getting, so you won’t end up standing there with the door open.

Your water supply could dry up if you are getting your water from a well. Try to minimize flushes and showers while the power is out.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind to keep a power outage from messing your life up too much.

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