A type of heat that many find pleasant is that of radiant heating. Radiant heating can take many different forms. It could be from oil or water filled radiators installed along the walls, it could be from electric heaters, or it could be from pipes installed in your floor. Many prefer this type of heating since it does linger for longer than forced hot air does, and some also feel like it doesn’t dry them out in the same way. There are a few clear advantages to radiant heating. While a forced air system has to deal with issues, such as leaky ducts and leaks around doors and windows, a radiant heating system seldom has to deal with leaks. You usually have greater control with a radiant heating system as well, since you can customize the temperature in different rooms. The one major downside is that it usually will be more expensive to install a radiant heating system, but if you are willing to pay extra for extra comfort, then it is definitely a good choice for you.

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