When a home inspection occurs, one of the most common issues to arise is a leak within the roof. As a response, many people say that they ‘never saw any water’ or that the roof is ‘fairly new’. Sadly, the roof is a vulnerable part of the house, so we have compiled a list of simple checks you can make to avoid a small issue from growing over time.

Moisture Meter – Firstly, this handy little tool will help you to see whether or not there is moisture in certain areas of your home. The homeowner versions are pretty cheap and can be bought online.

Moisture Stains – Perhaps the most obvious symptom, you could find stains so make sure they aren’t growing and don’t immediately dismiss them as being ‘old’.

Shingle – When you buy some household items, they don’t necessarily last as long as the manufacturer promised – the same can be said for shingles so they might not last the full 25 years.

Chimney – Finally, you can take a look around the chimney and the most vulnerable parts of the roof. If you aren’t sure what to look for, download a copy of a typical inspection or call a professional to be sure.

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