Having a fireplace in your home is an excellent way to provide natural heat for your family. However, fireplaces and wood stoves are only meant to have one fuel, and when you use other fuels, what can result? Well that’s what will be discussed today.

The first and only type of fuel that you should burn in your fireplace or wood stove is dry, cut firewood. The different types of firewood will either provide a quick, and hot fire, or a consistent, less hot fire over a period of time. These types of firewood can include fir, maple, oak, pine, etc. But, the important thing to remember is that they must be dry in order for the fire to start.

A few things that you must not burn is painted wood, pressure treated wood, plywood, any diseased or moldy wood, dryer lint, driftwood, trash and garbage, etc. Burning these will release harmful chemicals, not only in the air, but also into your house, causing lung damage over a period of time if it’s continued. Not only is it deadly, but it’s against the law. Keeping these things in mind will help you and your family to be safe and warm in the future (hopefully distant future) winter months.

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