Filling up a tub requires a tub stopper. Maybe you don’t do that very often, and when you try to use it, it just doesn’t work. Or maybe your tub all of a sudden doesn’t drain right anymore. Either of those situations could be because of an issue with the tub stopper. In many tubs, the tub stopper is attached to a chain that will lower it to block off water flow or lift it up to release it. If the chain has gotten detached, the stopper might sit in the path of the water and cutting it off. This can get tricky to fix, but usually, you should be able to fish it up using a metal wire hanger or something similar that has a hook on it. First, you will need to remove the cover where the lever is located, and behind it, you should find a chute. Stick your homemade fishing hook into the chute and try to get a hold of the stopper. Reattaching the chain shouldn’t be too complicated once you have the stopper out, but the chain might need some adjustments so that it works correctly.

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