You might have heard the expression: “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”. While this might seem like a funny thing to say before going to bed, in recent years, bed bugs have become a major scourge. Bed bugs were very common in years past, until a pesticide called DDT was discovered to be very effective against bed bugs. They were almost completely eradicated, but when the serious side effects of DDT were discovered, and its use was banned, they started making their comeback. With increased travel came a quick spread from areas where bed bugs still were prolific back to where they were once believed to be gone for good.

Hotels are a hotspot for bed bug spread, so you should be careful whenever you stay in one. Before you put down your bags and make yourself at home, you should check the seams of your bed and sofa. That is usually where you can find the bugs. By spreading the seam out with your fingers, you should get a good view of any clusters of bed bugs that have collected there.

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