Do you like keeping your home all clean and orderly or are you a little laxer when it comes to the appearance of your home? What you choose to do is your prerogative, but there comes a time when it does make a difference. While you might be ok to live with something of a mess at home, a potential buyer could be turned off when seeing it. While we all can imagine how a home would look without the clutter, there are many negative thoughts that could come up into the mind of someone touring your home. For example, they might wonder if there is insufficient storage space in the home, forcing you to keep things out in the open. They might also think that there are issues hidden by the clutter.
Another valid concern is that pests such as rodents and insects could be finding ideal nesting places in areas hidden away by clutter, and they wouldn’t be found out until you move out.
Considering all these things, the sale of your home might be the ideal time to take on a stricter cleaning schedule for your home, at least until the sale is finalized.

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