Night lights have seen many of us through our nights as kids. They are comforting to young children that are afraid of the dark, but they can also be useful for someone that wants to find their way around the house in the dark. But you should be careful when you decide to get a nightlight from a no-name manufacturer. There are many poorly constructed nightlights out there that could cause serious harm, even cause a fire in your home. This is why you should take the time to do your research before you get one. Even though it might seem like a minor purchase, it does have the capacity to have a huge impact on your life. Keep an eye out for recalls as well, since these usually indicate that something is wrong with the nightlight.
You can get motion-sensitive night lights that will help you only when you need them to, but it is important that the sensor is placed in the right location, or you might find yourself having your sleep disturbed by a light that turns on when you move at night.

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