Whenever there is a blocked pipe in your home, a plunger is your best friend. There are many advantages to using a plunger instead of drain chemicals. It is better for the environment, it is easier on your pipes, it won’t hurt your septic, and once you own one, you won’t have to buy another one for years, maybe never.

It is important that you know how to properly use a plunger if it is to have the best effect. In fact, if you use it improperly, you could even get hurt. How so? Well, if you were to use drain chemicals before you start plunging, you could splash that harmful chemical in your face.

To get started, you want to make sure that the water level isn’t too high or too low. Make sure that you get a good seal between the plunger and the drain and that there is water inside of the plunger.

Using slow, rhythmic movement is usually the best way to dislodge any clogs.

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