If you open up the doors under your kitchen sink or the doors of your bathroom vanity, there is one thing that you will always find under the sink – a p-trap. These pipes are essential for keeping your home smelling nice as well as for preventing health issues due to sewer gas. Sewer gas is generated from the sewage in your pipes, and it doesn’t just smell really bad, it can also be very harmful to your health.

Long term exposure to sewage gas can lead to very serious health effects, so it is in your best interest that you avoid it. The p-trap should always have water sitting in it since this prevents any gasses from coming back up into your home, while water and waste are allowed to flow through freely. It is a very simple but ingenious invention that doesn’t need much attention to work properly.

Every single appliance that is connected to your sewage will need a p-trap between itself and the drain, but sometimes they might not be so apparent.

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