Ants come in many different varieties, and you can find them in most places on the earth. While some might be intrigued by ants, most of us will not be too happy to find them in our home. While ants aren’t too damaging to your home, they can still be a major nuisance, so here are a few tips on how to deal with ants in the neighborhood.

The first ant that comes into your home will usually be a scout that is trying to find out if your home is a fitting place for finding shelter, food and water. This is why you should have your food in sealed containers, especially anything sweet. Ants love sugar, and if you have something like that easily accessible, they are much more likely to come into your home. Clean up any sugary spills as soon as possible. This includes cleaning out cans that are put out for recycling.

Often you will find an ant path leading to your home, and this is your best place of attack. Planting ant bait along this path can be very effective.

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